about moyadi

our inspiration

Moyadi is an emerging ethical lifestyle brand that celebrates in one of the world's rarest and most sacred fibers - pure lotus.

Moyadi derives its name from the Burmese word for the rainy season, a devout period of inner contemplation and spiritual renewal. It is during the rainy season that the lotus flourishes. 

Rooted deep in the mud, the lotus plant begins its upward journey through muddied water. Eventually, it breaks the surface of the water to blossom in a state of absolute beauty. The lotus flower embodies the potential of the human spirit to attain enlightenment. And it is this potential that so inspires Moyadi.


serendipitous collaboration

Two friends, whose career had taken them around the world in vastly diverse directions, came together with a common desire to make a difference. 

Nancy and Staci met freshman year of college as roommates. Four years living together as undergraduates built the foundation for a lifelong friendship that has endured years, and most often  continents, between them.  In 2016, as though fate was at work, they found themselves living mere miles apart in rural Connecticut. After not seeing each other for 15 years, the pair reconnected over coffee.

The collaboration of Moyadi began that day. 


behind the scenes

f o u n d e r

"To what extent we are complicit in supply chain abuses through our choices as consumers? What role that ethical brands can play in social and economic transformation?" 

Nancy M Shalala has been working in international development and humanitarian assistance for over two decades, including her tenure as a Foreign Service Officer for the United States Agency for International Development. Her career focused on conflict and post-conflict settings across four continents. Many of those years were spent working on anti-human trafficking initiatives for the government.

After resigning her post, she felt driven to continue working on these issues, this time from a business perspective. And so she established Moyadi.


c r e a t i v e  m e d i a  d i r e c t o r

"...with the desire to create a new story, to make an impact locally and beyond, to inspire, and ultimately to influence change."

In an accomplished career that spans 20 years in the entertainment industry, Emmy Award Winning Producer Staci A Dunbar has experience in all aspects of film and television production, with an emphasis on women’s programming. Beginning her career as an Extras Casting Director for feature films such as Silence of the Lambs, Staci then transitioned to producing original programming for various networks; among them HBO, NBC, ESPN, and Oxygen. 

Driven by a passion for storytelling, Staci has traveled the world to chronicle the lives of unlikely heroes, triumphant underdogs, and inspirational leaders. Crafting stories of courage, perseverance, and dedication to
 reveal the power that all of us have within ourselves to overcome and to succeed.   

After a lifetime of looking through the lens and writing the 
narrative of others, she joins Moyadi.